The Building Blocks are in Place with Splash MM and WB Games!

This year Splash MM and WB Games had the pleasure of bringing to life an exciting booth for Lego Kidsfsest in Calgary, AB. Kids lined up for their chance to play some of the amazing titles that WB Games has to offer including:  Lego Chima, Lego The Hobbit and The Lego Movie.

With an exciting line-up of games for kids to enjoy, the WB Games booth was continuously busy with kids waiting their turn in line to make sure they did not miss out. Splashers were on-site to make sure that each child had the ability to try all three games. They were also armed with some amazing complimentary swag items which included posters and Lego figurines. With arms full of amazing swag items,  shouts of ” Daddy can I get that game” or “MOMM! I want to stay” echoed the booth as each child did not want to leave.

Splashers were able to create a positive brand image and lasting memories for each child that had the chance to visit the WB Games booth. No matter the session, every child that entered the WB Games booth left with a smile knowing they had an amazing day!