The engagement opportunity of a captive audience between the security checkpoint and their boarding gate is invaluable!

SplashMM can expose your brand to millions of consumers as we are the exclusive partner with airport retailers across North America. This environment is truly unique as consumers are in a holding pattern, open to spend valuable time with brands. It’s the perfect opportunity to communicate, engage and motivate a desired reaction.

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Fast Facts:

  • Canadian airports process over 80 million passengers per year.
  • Consumers spend an average of 90 minutes waiting in airports.
  • SplashMM can expose your brand to over 200,000 passengers per day.
  • With over 150 stores in 30 airports across North America, LS Travel Retail is the premier retailer for marketing in airport locations.
  • Banners such as Relay, Virgin and Watermark are recognizable to over 90% of travelers.
  • LS Travel Retail operates 1,100 stores in airports, train stations, hotels, subway systems and other transportation centres.