#YouAreWelcome Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

Splash MM teamed up with Strategic Objectives to represent The Mississauga of the New Credit First Nations, the official First Nation Host of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am games, welcoming Canadians and visitors alike.

Together we launched the #YouAreWelcome food truck which toured the streets of Toronto and hit areas like King St West, Queens Quay, Queen St East, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and Christie Pits during the Pan Am games, giving the public an opportunity to taste traditional Aboriginal cuisine. The #You Are Welcome SplashMM Brand Ambassadors took to the streets of the city from July 14th – 18th handing out 25,000 $5 limited edition MasterCard gift cards designed by renowned First Nation artist Tracey Anthony. Splashers greeted and encouraged everyone on the streets of Toronto to eat, play and learn during the Pan Am games and invited them to redeem their gift card at the #YouAreWelcome food truck for a sample of delicious Aboriginal cuisine.

Splashers were thrilled to be able to celebrate the culture and share the story of The Mississauga of the New First Credit Nation through the #YouAreWelcome campaign!

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