A Taste of Summer to Heat up your Winter!

The cold weather could not stop the exuberant enthusiasm of the Splash MM Brand Ambassador team. On February 21st and 22nd, the Splashers bundled up and hit the streets of Toronto during the 2015 Icefest.

Splash MM was hired by The Florida Department of Citrus to aggressively engage consumers and pour them a delicious sample of 100% Florida Orange Juice –  mmm good!

Splash MM’s friendly knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors applauded the advantages of incorporating delicious 100 % Florida Orange Juice into a daily routine. Consumers were amazed by the taste of the 100% Florida Orange Juice; many consumers commented that they had not tried 100% Florida Orange Juice before.

The Splash MM team received many compliments on their knowledge and enthusiasm. The added nutrition of vitamin C and potassium had consumers buzzing about the benefits!

Throughout this sampling experience, Splashers brought the brand and the target audience together generating an incredible new customer base. Much like the 100% Florida Orange Juice, the Splashers sweet personalities captivated consumers and increased both brand awareness and loyalty.