“I can’t believe they are actually made from fabric – they look solid and very real!” – Retail World Magazine


    Custom Real-Life 3D Display Replica’s that go from FLAT to ALL THAT!

SplashWraps, the only photo-realistic & life like fabric free standing displays & stock holding units available in Canada!

Make your product larger than life and drive velocity!

Presenting a new generation in retail display. We also have our new “Splashie” 3D stock holding SplashWraps are an innovative way to sell your products as stunning shelving units with an ad-popping photo realistic fabric wrap.

Are you tired with generic cardboard displays that blend in and damage easy? SplashWraps is your innovative storage display that will increase your unit sales!

We’d love to work with you to provide the solution you didn’t even know was possible. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE!

Why rely on store-level execution? Our professional installers will ensure each unit is properly assembled & merchandised without the hassle!

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