Who We Are

“Whatever your capacities are, whatever your successes, your shrewdness, your dexterity, the future of your business is in the hands of the people you have hired.” – Akio Morita, Co-Founder of Sony.

At SplashMM, we respect the trust our client partners put into our ideas and execution.

We understand that regardless of the size of an objective, just meeting expectations is not enough – that’s where we shine. Our focus is always on our client needs and we’ve built our infrastructure for tomorrow so that we’re ready for the curve.

SplashMM is a privately-owned brand engagement company that takes pride in our growth without the need to merge or acquire other companies. We’ve always been focused on pleasing our partners, vs. pleasing a pool of disconnected holding companies. Our experience in successfully managing exponential growth has forged a SplashMM culture where our owners and senior leadership are actively involved in your business.

Our relationship goals are long-term; we know that this is the truest way to be an ideal partner to our clients. Whether you need a brilliant creative idea or execution support – we’re the kind of company that focuses on your success, not just ours. We operate on the principles of hard work and honesty. We’re real people doing what we love, because we love doing it.

We’d love to tell you more! You can reach us here.