Godiva’s sales take flight at Toronto Pearson Airport

Splash MM teamed up with Godiva Chocolatier to show off the brand new packaging from their Biscuit Collection, a style that takes on a fresh and modern look.

Along with the exciting new appearance, customers were given the opportunity to revel in the delicious treats by sampling different flavours from Splash MM reps. With every taste a new Godiva customer was born! Giving potential customers the ability to sample these amazing treats put no doubt in their mind that they needed to purchase Godiva products. Every last customer left with their hands full of various Godiva products due to the satisfying taste and exceptional service provided by the Splash MM reps. This partnership has flourished and Splash MM continues to work alongside Godiva at the Airport.

Don’t forget to check out the Godiva shop at the GTAA for your chance to try one of their phenomenal products!