Did you get the Skinny?

This year, the 9th annual SMUT Soiree took place at the Brickworks, welcoming socialites from across the city to experience a bit of gossip and a whole lot of fun. During the event, Skinny Cow was showing off the latest addition to their product line: the Greek Yogurt Bars in Cherry Cheesecake & Salted Caramel flavours. Also being sampled were the always delicious Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters and Milk Chocolate Heavenly Crisp bars.

SplashMM utilized exceptionally handsome brand ambassadors to distribute complimentary Skinny Cow products throughout the evening. These sweet treats were a huge hit!

The night started with socialites focusing on Gossip and Fashion; however their attention quickly turned to the popular sweet treats from Skinny Cow. An immense success that had customers asking where they could purchase these fantastic products.