Specialty Services

Video Shirts

Any consumer, anywhere, anytime! The Video Shirt is a great response to the decline in home television audiences. Splash MM owns the medium to bring your commercial or promotional video to your target audience.

This wearable technology is completely customizable and plays full motion video with stereo audio. The Video Shirt is also equipped with gaming capabilities, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Video Suitcases

Deliver your brand’s message and attract the attention of consumers where they least expect it. The Video Suitcase includes a 19” widescreen display, stereo audio, storage for premiums and is completely brandable.

The Video Suitcase is the perfect pairing for airport programs and Splash MM has exclusive access to major North American airports.

Video Segway

This unique mobile billboard allows you to display your brand in high definition on a 32” widescreen display. Splash MM will customize the Segway unit to your brand’s specifications.

The Video Segway includes a computer, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, wireless gaming capabilities, WiFi and stereo audio.

Portable Scent Delivery System

The strongest connection with the human memory is our sense of smell. The olfactory system remembers scents and will pair memorable experiences with those smells. Visual recall fades to 50% after 3 months whereas scents are recalled up to 64% accuracy after one year.

The Portable Scent Delivery System comes in two sizes; one of which is wearable (backpack or purse) while the second option is designed to handle much larger areas. Any scent can be duplicated!