Brian Burns Authentic Jersey  SPLASH MM GETS THE SKINNY WITH SKINNY COW | SplashMM Inc.


SplashMM worked with Skinny Cow for the 2013 SMUT Soiree hosted at Evergreen Brickworks.

Mindful Mavens mingled throughout the evening indulging in a variety of tasty treats, especially those that were provided by Skinny Cow. Dressed with cow spotted bow ties Splash brand ambassadors created quite an impression as everyone wanted to see what was being sampled on their trays. Splash ambassadors provided three different Skinny Cow varieties to choose from: Heavenly Crisp Milk Chocolate, Heavenly Crisp Peanut Butter and Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate each containing only 100 calories. As each Maven took their first bite, a sense of awe took over their mouth as the combination of flavors flooded their taste buds.

A night that started with speeches and mingling was now engulfed in Skinny Cow conversations as each person wanted to be in the know of how satisfying something with only 100 calories could be so delicious.


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