What we’ve all been waiting for!

On November 14th 2013, customers across North America waited in lines to finally get their hands on one of the most anticipated next generation consoles in 6 years: PlayStation 4!

Thousands of avid gamers dealt with the elements to make sure they did not miss out on receiving their pre-ordered console. In Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, Splash Modelling Marketing Brand Ambassadors were on-hand at EB Games, Future Shop, Best Buy, and Microplay giving out free PS4 thermoses and toques as well as interacting with each customer. Many excited gamers dressed up as their favourite  PlayStation characters for a chance to win one of several new PSVitas.

A night filled with anticipation changed to  excitement as one-by-one each eager gamer walked into  one of the participating retail stores (EB Games, Future Shop, Best Buy, Microplay) at the stroke of midnight to receive their much anticipated  PS4 console.  Splashers kept the energy high chanting “PS4!” as consumers progressed through the line.

A PlayStation launch as strong as it was, was only made more amazing as there has not been a single PlayStation 4 in-store since November 15th.

The PS4 is one of the hottest must haves this year!