The puck drops here with PlayStation and Splash MM.

Two of the most historic hockey franchises, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s and Montreal Canadian’s fans were blessed with a Pre-launch competition of NHL14 in September.

In Toronto, players competed against each other at the Real Sports bar downtown.  With an uproar of leaf fans competing against each other, what would be better than bringing in two icons from the Toronto Maple leafs both past and present. Doug Gilmour, an icon from the early 90’s and an upcoming superstar James Van Riemsdyk showed their support for NHL14 by autographing custom made covers.

In Montreal, a similar set-up was created at the Telus Theatre. Montreal Canadian fans dawned the red, white and blue throughout the evening with different forms of apparel. Not only was the support shown but it was also heard as chants of “Go Montreal Go” started to echo the halls of the Telus Theatre. Montreal fans were also blessed with the chance to meet Superstar defensemen P.K. Subban and NHL tough guy George Parros.

This competition was the perfect form for players to try out the new additions EA added to one of the best franchises to hit consoles. Splash MM was on-hand to supervise all facets of game-play. Brand Ambassadors monitored gaming stations to make sure that appropriate rules were followed, winners were announced and the experience was unforgettable. As the competition soared throughout the evening, players fought tooth and nail to make it to the next level for their chance at the Grand Prize. As numbers dwindled down, games became more competitive and most were won in the final seconds or in overtime. The final games seen in Toronto and Montreal were exceptional as players used their best skills to one-up each other to end with a victor. As time ran down on the clocks a winners were announced and players raved about their experience with NHL 14.