SONY 4K…..SOLD OUT in every store!!!!!

Splash MM was hired by Sony Canada to do a cross Canada National Best Buy Sony 4K Ultra HDTV Sales Assist program. Sony Canada and Splash MM teamed up together to implement this incredibly successful program for the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV.

On November 7th 2014, Splashers began an extensive 10-week program in 50 Best Buy locations across Canada. Sony’s premium product with top of the line technology and superior customer support needed an exceptional Sales Assist team to complement their brand.  It is no surprise that Splash MM was hired to be an extension of the Sony 4k Ultra HDTV Team. Splashers attended several very extensive training sessions so that they were fully educated on all aspects of the Sony 4K Ultra HDTV, including the X Reality Pro processor. We believe at Splash that knowledge is power and to be an extension of a brand is to understand it!

Upscaling …..The Sony 4K Ultra HD TV UPSCALES ALL input…such as Cable TV, Streaming content, HDMI input, and Gaming!!! The competitors TVs only upscale the picture from HDMI source!!! With this incredible product knowledge they were able to interact with every customer confidently, and were able to highlight the incredible features and benefits of the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV while creating a positive shopping experience from start to finish. Splashers ensured each customer experienced excellent service and even accompanied the customers to the checkout, where they aggressively finalized and concluded the sales transaction. Splashers understood that it was imperative to walk all customers to the cash as this is an extremely competitive category and the last 10 feet is the most critical in Closing the SALE!

The Splash MM Brand Ambassadors far exceeded Sony’s expectations in CLOSING the SALE, which obviously was one of the main objective of this program.  The great success was proven through the # of televisions sold by Splashers; the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV’s SOLD OUT all across Best Buy locations! We did it all – we educated consumers, created the demand and SOLD OUT all Sony 4K Ultra HD TV’s and copious amounts of other Sony TV models.

“An artist can challenge an engineer with the impossible. An engineer can make the impossible possible”

“Splash Reps Rated #1 “