PS Vita Media Launch

Splash MM representatives were on the scene at 99 Sudbury in Toronto, ON to represent Sony PlayStation at the media launch of their revolutionary handheld device, the PS Vita.

The event featured a VIP and Media showcase giving gaming industry experts the chance to interview some of the game developers and get an in-depth look at what is expected from the PS Vita on launch day. “Splashers” were hard at work handing out swag and educating the Media and VIP’s at different gaming stations designed to highlight the unique features of the Vita and its launch titles.

The Vita boasts many new features that have not been seen collectively on any single handheld device before it. These features include a 5″ OLED touch screen for unparalleled HD quality, a rear touch pad, front and rear cameras, dual-analogue sticks, virtual augmentation and 6-axis motion sensors. The Vita has WiFi capabilities which allow you to browse the web, connect to social media, download games, movies, and songs and also make your Vita cross-compatible with the PS3 so you never have to stop gaming.