PlayStation Virtual Reality National Tour

In October 2016, PlayStation was set to launch one of their most anticipated innovations. PlayStation Virtual Reality: an evolution of the gaming experience which takes the gamer from their couch and transports them to the virtual worlds of their gaming environment.

With anything new, consumers had a learning curve and needed guidance to understand PSVR’s capabilities. SplashMM helped make PlayStation a reality for Canadian’s from coast-to-coast.

We knew we had to bring this amazing tech on tour, so we set out across Canada with a mission: turn PlayStation’s latest tech innovation into a spectator sport! We did, and there was nothing virtual about the response – Canadian’s couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and SplashMM was there to ensure an amazing first trial of VR! From mall concourses to retail stores, from consumer events to private functions, airport lounges to industry events – SplashMM brought this uniquely Canadian launch program to life.

Have you tried it yet? What are you waiting for?? #iTriedPSVR

Click the vid below and see the SplashMM team in action!