PlayStation Spring Showcase

The Splash MM team was out in full force at the PlayStation Spring Showcase held at Camp Oochigeas in downtown Toronto. Media and VIP gamers were on hand to test drive the hottest unreleased game titles from Sony.

Hardcore gamers from across the province and beyond were lined up hours before the doors opened to be among the first to try out the new Playstion titles. The PS3, the PS Move and the PS Vita were featured at the event to demonstrate the games that will be released in the forthcoming weeks and months. Some of the major titles presented at the showcase included Game of Thrones and Little Big Planet Karting for the PS3, Sorcery for the PS Move, and Metal Gear Solid, Gravity Rush, Mortal Kombat and Retro City Rampage for the PS Vita. Many gaming stations were accompanied by the game developers who offered expert, inside information on their game and how their title has gone from idea to reality as well as taking part in interviews with the media.

Splashers were stationed throughout the venue to ensure everything at the event ran flawlessly, from checking guest list at the door and monitoring gaming stations, to handing out free PlayStation swag!