Greatness arrives at Fan Expo!

Already one of the most sought after events to attend- Fan Expo, Sony PlayStation unveiled the PlayStation 4 for the first time to the public, in Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

As rumors spread through the internet, and blogs caught on fire, tickets for this event flew off the shelves as everyone wanted to be the first to play this evolutionary system. As patrons entered the MTCC and to the entrance of the show floor, they were engulfed by a large cylindrical sign of PS4 “Greatness Awaits” that stemmed from the ceiling. The excited group quickly funneled in and flew to the PS4 booth. With a multitude of PS4 titles on-hand to demo including Knack, Drive Club and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Splashers showed off the most exciting aspects of this extraordinary console to the public. Splashers kept the gamers’ energy high as chants of “PS4” echoed through the building and swag which included Uncharted/Infamous figurines, PS4 branded water bottles, PS4 branded sun glasses, and the ever popular “Keep Calm PS4 is coming” t-shirts was handed out.

This event attracts the most creative portrayal of fictional characters, and the costumes took on a whole new look, reflecting what Fan Expo has to offer in 2013. PlayStation captured this creativity by recording the most memorable PlayStation gaming moments of all time and producing a commercial. As each gamer stepped up to record their favorite PlayStation moment, you could already tell that this was a success, as the likes of Crash Bandicoot, the evolution of Final Fantasy, the extraordinary game of the year Uncharted, and many more were being depicted with such emotion. The  resounding theme, repeated by all patrons leaving the booth was “Best Console Ever!”. With such an emotional ride at the Fan Expo, PlayStation gave their fans exactly what they have been looking for  :getting to the try thePS4. With the demo of the PS4 taking place, PlayStation now stands above all other consoles at the pinnacle of this next generation gaming.